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Dal 25 December 2020 al 6 January 2021

Great Nativity Scenes

Città della Pieve

This is the 53° edition of the Monumental Crib in Città della pieve, and it’s going to be a surprise as always.

The Terziere Castello district organises the Monumental Crib in the cellars of the Palazzo della Corgna, dating back to the 16th century, on a path along the corridors that involves 8 rooms and more than 500 m². Every room is prepared by volunteers matching traditions, craftsmanship and contruction abilities.

The staging contains more than one hundred giant statues, realised in papier-mâché, terracotta or resin by italian craftsmen masters, like the sicilian Marco Guttilla.

You will be accompanied to discover the beauties and fragility of our planet, due to the climate change we are all experiencing. We can respond with a strong hope message: “Togheter we can do it”.

There will be also a collaboration with the Laboratorio Terrarte, that will arrange together with the schools of Città della Pieve, an artistic installation in the last room of the Crib.


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