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Dal 22 al 30 August 2022

Bravio delle Botti in Montepulciano


Each year on the last Sunday of August, the “Bravìo delle Botti” takes place in Montepulciano. It is a historical reenactment of the challenge between the eight contradas of the town: until the 17° century at its core was a horserace, later changed with a barrel-pushing race for safety reasons. The barrels weigh about 80 kilos; each contrada has two athletes rolling the barrel along a route of 1,8 km. This route passes through the suggestive alleys of Montepulciano’s city center and ends in Piazza Grande, in front of the Duomo.

Before the race, a fascinating medieval pageant of more than 300 people in historical costumes, accompanied by flag wavers and drummers, opens the celebration.

The name “Bravio” comes from the Latin “Bravium”, which is the name of the hand-painted cloth serving as a prize for the winning contrada at the end of the race. The Bravio is inspired by the patron saint of Montepulciano, Saint John the Beheaded, to whom the entire event is dedicated.

The competing contradas are: Cagnano, Collazzi, Coste, Gracciano, Poggiolo, San Donato, Talosa, Voltaia.


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